The Wingman Backpack

Rough-and-Ready. Modular. High Capacity. This bag will carry whatever you can throw in it, and handle anything you throw at it.

A tough, modern take on the classic "Doctor’s Bag"

An ergonomic adaptation of a legacy design, this customizable travel bag fuses the large capacity, incredible durability, and unmatchable accessibility of a Doctor’s Bag, with the comfort and functionality of the modern-day backpack. Water-resistant with modular components, the Wingman Backpack aims to be the last travel bag you’ll ever buy.

About Dr.Wilds

Dr.Wilds was established in 2018 by the product director of one of Taiwan’s leading OEM backpack and accessory manufacturers, who has 18 years of experience working with some of the biggest brands—including global companies like BMW, Samsonite, and KAPPA. With this foundation, the team at Dr.Wilds wanted to harness their understanding of design best practices to make backpacks that stand shoulder-to-shoulder with the world’s best bags.

A Classic, Reimagined

Front opening, high-capacity design with multiple carry options

Modular Accessories

A range of accessories can be used to either complement the Wingman backpack, or be carried as standalone bags.

Durable, yet Stylish

Built with tough materials and designed to be waterproof, the Wingman doesn’t sacrifice functionality or form.

Security made Simple

Multiple quick-access and hidden pockets allow you to keep your stuff safe, but never far from reach.

Front-Open Design

The front-open design of the Doctor’s Bag allows for both plenty of storage space, while fast access to all your items—no matter where they are inside the bag. On the Wingman, we merge this classic design with the easy-to-carry functionality of a backpack, as well as a range of other modern features.

Our patented wire-frame opening means the bag holds its form whether open or closed. Unzip the bag, and BAM—you can see everything inside.

Modular Accessories

We’ve included a range of options that allow you to leave the house with a purpose-built bag for whatever you’re doing or wherever you’re going.

The straps on the Wingman can be configured multiple different ways, allowing you to carry the bag however you want.

Durable & Comfortable

The Wingman is designed to be waterproof, scratch-resistant, and wear-resistant, all while being eminently wearable. The shell and trim are made of  PVC coated nylon mesh and Hypalon (the stuff they make white water rafts out of), while the Wingman’s size 8 zipper is both waterproofand explosion-proof. This bag really means business.

The bag’s strap is made from EPE Seismic Sponge and thick breathable mesh, which reduce pressure atthe points of contact with your body,as well as helping to dissipate heat. Seriously—give your shoulders a break, and focus on climbing that mountain, or cycling across town.

Multiple Easy-Access Points

With the Wingman, you have several concealed compartments and easy-access pockets so your valuables can always be close at hand.

Magnetic Buckles

With the three magnetic buckles, you can reconfigure the modular accessories attached to the Wingman, you can secure the backpack to a suitcase handle, tether items to its exterior, AND you can hold items inside the backpack right where you want them. Because they’re magnetized, they clip into place quickly and securely—taking the stress out of those moments where you need to shuffle your luggage around at the airport.

Easy Access Keychain Clip and Side Compartment

Concealed Pockets

Even before you start adding the modular accessories, the Wingman has subtle, easily-accessed pockets and compartments for keeping your necessities where you need them, and out of view of others around you. 

Additionally, a headphone holder on the shoulder strap means quickly being able to access your music and podcasts on the move and saying goodbye to those moments spent hunting for or untangling your earsets. 

These pockets have been designed to give you continued fast access, even when the Wingman is secured to the handle of larger pieces of luggage.

Multiple Laptop Sleeves

With room for your phone, power bank, and important cards, the phone pouch can be attached either to the Wingman, or it can be used on its own with the shoulder strap as a crossbody pouch for your valuables.

Make packing your clothes and shoes a breeze with the compression bag, which can be “zipped down” from a depth of 11cm to just 3cm, maximizing the amount of space you have inside the Wingman for your other items.

Whether holidaying, hiking, hitting the gym, going to the beach, there’s going to be times where you want to keep some of your stuff separate. With the Wingman’s toiletry bag, you can easily store your personal items to keep them totally clean, or you can separate your wet clothes, dirty shoes, or whatever else you don’t want messing up the inside of your backpack.

Plus, when used alone with the shoulder strap, the toiletry bag is an ideal, lightweight companion suitable for all kinds of activities.

When used with the Wingman backpack, the waist bag gives you fast access to your most used items—all while keeping them safe from the elements.

But if you just need to carry a few items for a day out, pair the waist bag with the shoulder strap, and you’ve got an easy-to-use sling bag.

Placed inside the Wingman backpack, the easy access camera bag is perfect for separating and protecting your camera gear, as well as other fragile electronic items.

However, when used with the shoulder strap, the easy access camera bag can become a standalone, cross-body utility bag—so you’re always ready to take that perfect shot.

The included shoulder strap allows the modular accessories to be used alone, or it can be attached to the bag to tether bulky items, like camera tripods or yoga mats, to the outside of the backpack.

The multifunctional carabiner strap can be used to secure the bag around your chest, and similarly to the shoulder strap, can be used to tether items to the backpack’s exterior.

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