[The tears of the age] doctor package evolution

I still remember the albums I saw when I was a child. Whether it’s a love movie, a war film, or a doctor’s role that must appear in a spy war movie, the doctor’s hand is always a textured “leather mouth gold bag” for many people. The young mind will grow up and become a doctor's volunteer! (When I grow up, I know that doctors can't be anyone, how difficult is the license to test)

[Picture: Wartime Doctor Situation, Doctor Pack Photo]

The "Doctor Pack" originated in World War II. The military doctors needed to carry a large number of medical tools to move back and forth between battlefields. At that time, the Boston bag-type bag (cylinder) was put into a tool and it would become messy and difficult to take. The volume of the briefcase was relatively small. The flat can not accommodate the tools of the clinic, in order to improve the troubles encountered in the use of the situation, the birth of a new type of "doctor bag" package.

The doctor's bag features a large opening design, and a metal-shaped steel plate at the mouth of the bag, allowing the doctor to see all the tools in the bag while opening the bag, which greatly improves the convenience of taking and large. Some doctor's bags are made of cowhide. In addition to improving durability, they also increase the support when opening the bag, keeping the bag open.

It is a pity that in the current era of the times, the use of bags gradually tends to be light and beautiful. The doctor's bag uses the leather with high texture, but because of the relationship between the real materials, the bag has a certain weight and is not suitable for long-term. Carrying out, you can only use the hand-held or one-shoulder side back in the package design, and it is not particularly convenient in the use of urban life.

Wing is the designer of the bag product. There are no fewer than 100 bags in use. Among them, the doctor bag with the sense of the times is the most attractive to him. In the process of using, he found the inconvenience of the doctor bag in real life, so it was born. "Why don't you use it to change it?" After three years of thinking and proofing, I finally developed this innovative product [dr.wilds] that can improve the problems of traditional doctors' bags.

The Wild Doctor Pack has improved the doctor's bag. There is no way to double the shoulder. This is the biggest pain point. The fabric has been changed into a durable and water-repellent nylon for everyday use.



In the course of the interview, Wing laughed and said that "the graduation exhibition that I feel that I can never finish the business can finally deliver the goods." Since I was a child, I only know how to draw more than my classmates, and I am ignorant of the development of art, and I am exposed to high school. After the training of professional workers, I gradually realized that I wanted to develop towards product design. After I graduated from university, I decided to follow the Taiwanese businessmen at that time and go to the fast-growing mainland market to start a business. I finally set up my own small 16 years. The factory has been doing bags and suitcases for more than ten years. After helping the domestic and foreign brands to design for so long, Wing will always be asked, "You will design and produce, why not make your own brand?" "


Wing said that because he is a designer, he hopes to present the best products to his friends who like and support himself. So three years ago, suddenly he started to design and improve the classic doctor package, summing up the experience of the past 16 years. Finally, I designed this [Dr.Wilds], which can be carried by professionals or professional occasions, so that more people are happy to use this product, which is Wing's greatest achievement!


Now Wing puts the idea of ​​[Dr.Wilds] on Taiwan's largest fund-raising platform "ZECZEC" to raise funds, and raised funds to 2.1 million within 60 days. Interested friends can go to the following website to watch more product details, let us have a lot Support Taiwan design and creativity!



[Dr.Wilds] ZECZEC Fund Raising Platform Product Information






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